Silica Dust Exposure Testing

When you’re investigating a potential building site, it is imperative that you have the appropriate health and safety checks performed, including testing for silica dust exposure. At Edge Group, we routinely perform assessments for the presence of silica in buildings and properties, as well as monitoring existing locations.

What is Silica Dust?

Crystalline silica is typically found in minerals like granite, sand, and soil. If undisturbed, silica is generally okay to be handled; however, when it is reduced to breathable particles – such as dust caused by drilling, sawing, and other consequences of construction – it can become quite dangerous to people’s health, like asbestos. It is classified as a carcinogen and can also cause silicosis, a disabling or fatal condition that has no cure.

Exposure to silica dust occur during:

  • Construction
  • Tile and brick cutting
  • Stone masonry
  • Drilling & concrete cutting

Testing for Silica Dust

Having been testing for silica dust in Melbourne developments for many years, our consultants understand the best way to approach projects of all sizes – from residential plots to corporate high rises. During the testing appointment we will take samples of air – and have it checked out at an authorised testing facility. This allows us to ensure the presence of silica dust in the air does not exceed safe levels. The findings will allow you to plan out how your project can move forward without putting anyone’s health at risk.

Melbourne’s Most Effective Silica Monitoring

If you have any questions regarding silica dust exposure testing and monitoring, reach out to our experienced environmental consultants. Being Melbourne’s leading environmental consultants, the team at Edge Group are happy to lend their years of experience and incomparable expertise to your project. Contact our team.

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