Mining Services

Edge Group has a range of capabilities tailored around consultation to the mining (above or below ground) and other extractive industries (e.g. quarrying) sector. Some of the services we offer are:

Air quality/hygiene issues – from dust monitoring (for EPA/quarry dust purposes) to various personal monitoring for parameters such as silica, general respirable dust, diesel particulate matter, etc to dispersion and/or deposition modelling to ascertain compliance (e.g. existing, extended or new quarries).

Soil/groundwater sampling, soil vapour monitoring (e.g. for EPA licencing reasons, due diligence, soil validation after tank removals, soil EPA categorisation leaving the site, etc)

Environmental Audit projects where Edge Group is the Assessor (where we work alongside various EPA Contaminated Land Auditors) predominantly on former mine/quarry sites to be redeveloped to more sensitive uses (e.g. residential)

Portfolio (EHS) Due Diligence work (pre-acquisition or divestiture)

Asbestos (and other hazardous materials) auditing (for “Part 5” compliance and/or “Part 6” pre-demolition/refurbishment purposes for mine or quarry buildings and general asbestos) to ”Part 8” asbestos in soil issues.

Secondments – on sites under remediation, construction, rehabilitation, etc – safety and/or environment -related.

Construction Environmental and OHS Management Plans (typically as a condition of a Planning Permit).

Environmental and/or safety management systems consulting (e.g. from contractor procurement/management processes to internal auditing assistance).

If you would like more information about our range of services relating to mines and mining projects, please get in touch with one of our specialist environmental consultants today.

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