Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems

Top Quality Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems Available in Melbourne

Local exhaust ventilation systems (also commonly referred to as LEV ventilation) are devices used to extract fumes and vapours from a specific area. They are often used in industrial and manufacturing settings to protect workers from the health hazards associated with exposure to various types of pollutants.

LEV ventilation works by drawing polluted air out of the designated area and releasing it into the wider atmosphere, and may also be equipped with filters that remove contaminants from the air before release.

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It is important to work with suppliers that understand your specific requirements and can help you choose the right system for your business.

At Edge Group, we are expert suppliers in local exhaust ventilation assessment services.

Furthermore, we can carry out regular testing to pinpoint any potential issues and apply the necessary remediations to ensure your local exhaust ventilation system continues to operate at maximum efficiency.

So, if you need any help with your LEV ventilation system assessment, we are suppliers ready to help.

Why do I need a Local Exhaust Ventilation System?

An LEV system’s primary purpose is to protect employees' health by reducing their exposure to hazardous substances. In some cases, an LEV system may also be used to protect the quality of specific products or processes.

When should I use a Local Exhaust Ventilation System?

LEV systems should be used whenever there is a potential for exposure to airborne contaminants. This includes when working with hazardous substances and during processes prone to generating dust, fumes, vapours or mists.

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