Environmental Compliance and Approvals

Environment, Health & Safety

Edge provides specialist advices to our Clients to achieve successful compliance to environmental laws, regulations, standards and other necessary permits and environmental approvals to continue or commence (or sometimes continue) their operations. Edge provides assessment and monitoring services, performance and process reviews and ongoing liaison with relevant Stakeholders and regulatory authorities.

The Edge Group comes armed with extensive experience in the environmental sector and has successfully served an array of clients from all over Australia.  Along with our consultancy advice and management services, we ensure to provide quality customer service to our clients.

  • Works Approvals, Annual Performance Statements, Financial Assurances and Pollution Abatement Notices

Works Approvals are public documents issued by EPA Victoria under the Environment Protection Act 1970 (the Act) and are required for industrial and waste management activities that have the potential for environmental impact. A Works Approval will allow the construction of a plant, the installation of equipment or modification of processes. You require a works approval if you are, or will become, the occupier of a Scheduled Premises under the Act.

Edge will guide you through the Works Approvals process and provide specialist advice to satisfy the requirements for approval. We will liaise with the EPA to facilitate the timely delivery of your Works Approval. Sometimes a Works Approval is not required; however evidence is still required to be sent to the EPA as evidence that an Exemption from Works Approval is being sought.

Annual performance statements (APSs) are the way by which EPA licence holders report their environmental performance for the previous financial year. They must be submitted to EPA by 30 September each year and must be signed off by the most senior Australian-based executive in the company (i.e. that of our client). An APS lists performance against each licence condition and requires an explanation of all non-compliance incidents. We can assist in compiling/documenting this information in order to provide sufficient evidence to the EPA around compliance (or otherwise) with your conditions.

The Environment Protection (Scheduled Premises) Regulations 2017 specify which scheduled activities must submit financial assurance. These include premises that have licences to conduct prescribed industrial waste management, landfills, bulk storage and container washing.

All sites that have a licence condition to maintain a financial assurance will be reviewed against the EPA.

Financial assurance proposals should be prepared using the necessary EPA guidance documents and address certain components (at a minimum), which Edge can assist with our EPA Licence holding clients.

The most common remedial notices used by EPA are pollution abatement notices (PANs) and clean up notices. Where businesses have not complied, authorised officers will collect evidence and prioritise enforcement action as per EPA’s compliance obligations. We can assist with EPA liaison (including reporting requirements, EPA meetings, etc) associated with PANs and clean up notices.

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