Environmental Compliance

Contaminated Land Management

Edge provides specialist advice to our Clients to achieve successful compliance to environmental laws, regulations and standards to continue their operations. Edge provides assessment and monitoring services, performance and process reviews and ongoing liaison with relevant Stakeholders and regulatory authorities.

  • Environmental Risk Assessments

Environment risk assessments are required to characterise the nature and magnitude of risks to human health and ecological receptors. A risk assessment is essentially a quantitative statistical analysis based on the probability of the measured risk and the hazards present at the site. The nature of risk management and risk communication are an integral part to developing a quality environmental management system.

Edge uses an iterative approach to risk assessments to fill in data gaps and in some instances redevelop scope to achieve a more refined assessment of the risk. Edge has experience in developing risk assessments associated with the following perceived hazards:

  • Air quality
  • Hazardous substance use and storage
  • Soil and water pollution
  • Asbestos management and removal
  • Construction Environmental Management Plans
  • Assessor for Environmental Audit projects (53X and 53V)

Edge provides environmental site assessment services to satisfy EPA Certificates and Statements of Audit as part IXD of the Environmental Protection Act 1970 (the Act). The EPA Victoria Audit system is designed to assess the suitability of a parcel of land in terms of pollution for a particular sensitive use (e.g. residential development). The Audit system is also used to confirm the suitability of the land for the current use and to assess the adequacy of remediation (clean-up) works at a site.

Edge has completed many Audit projects in the site assessor role, helping our clients obtain Certificates or Statements of Environmental Audit for their properties. Edge has developed strong working relationships with several EPA accredited Contaminated Land Auditors and provides clients with advice on the Audit assessment process and appointment of a suitable Auditor for a site.

  • Construction Environmental Management Plans

Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) are site-specific documents developed to ensure appropriate environmental and health management practices are followed during a project’s construction, demolition or operation. EMPs are often incorporated as part of an environment impact assessment and can be required as a condition of approval. Edge develops these documents for use by all site workers, and for all aspects of the construction.

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