Environmental Noise

Environment, Health & Safety

Edge Group specialises in fit-for-purpose small to large-scale environmental field projects for noise assessment, noise monitoring, management plans and construction vibration.

By anticipating and addressing noise requirements early on in the project design stage, we help implement a permitting strategy, development schedule and management plans that expedite permit acquisition and compliance. Expert regulatory negotiations throughout the project help resolve technical and external issues and create favorable permit conditions while achieving the ultimate goals of maintaining project schedules and ensuring compliance.

This method has contributed to successful projects for a broad range of government, energy (oil and gas, wind, solar), industrial, rail, waste disposal, utilities, mining and construction.

Across our broad impact analysis, noise assessment and permitting practice, our experience serves to achieve our clients’ goals, ensuring they are operating according to their own business requirements as well as complying with regulatory requirements.

Our experience extends to factory and night club noise where these (noise) source/s abut or are in the vicinity of residential (or other sensitive) areas. Edge Group provides the measurement of environmental noise and the mapping of noise contours as well as abatement options. This includes noise (sensitivity) assessments for pre-planning/development application purposes (e.g. SEPP N-1 in Victoria) and post development/verification noise monitoring.

Edge Group is equipped with the state-of-the-art acoustic instrumentation that complies with the relevant Australian Standards. Calibration tests are carried out as recommended by the Standards and are traceable to National Standards.

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