Covid clearance service lines

We understand the importance of ensuring continuity, especially during uncertain times like these.

To assist this continuity, we have been aiding a number of organisations impacted by potential or positive cases of COVID-19, by assisting with the remediation of workplaces.

This has comprised advice on the implementation of effective control measures, cleaning and disinfection and hygiene (clearance) assessment, in order to facilitate immediate workplace re-occupation of the workplace.

Edge has an experienced and responsive occupational hygiene and indoor environment team that
can assist with return to work as quickly as possible after an unplanned COVID 19 shut-down period.

We will aim to have your workplace operational, safely and quickly (usually within 24 hours) by providing:

  1. Assessment of cleaning and testing protocols
  2. Supervision of clean-up works (if required)
  3. Assessments and post remediation clearances
  4. Pandemic Management Plans

Edge personnel have extensive experience in management of potential pandemic responses for organisations, dating back to the avian influenza (“Bird Flu”) responses in the mid 1990’s.

Call one of our experienced team for sensible and practical advice on COVID-19 risk management.

Simon Ercole (COH, MAIOH) – m: 0418 519 016
Enzo De Fazio – m: 0411 452 560

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