Asbestos Management Plans and Asbestos Abatement

Hazardous Materials

Asbestos Management Plans

An Asbestos Management Plan is a site-specific document describing the procedures to be followed when asbestos is sampled or assumed present in the workplace. It is an invaluable tool for effectively managing the risks posed by asbestos in the workplace, and aims to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements at all stages.

A person who has management or control of the workplace must ensure that an asbestos management plan is prepared if asbestos has been identified. The Asbestos Management Plan must:

  • Identify the location of asbestos and any naturally occurring asbestos
  • Include the decisions and reasons for them in relation to the management of asbestos at the workplace including work procedures and control measures
  • Outline procedures for incidents and emergencies
  • Be maintained with up to date information
  • Be accessible to any worker or PCBU who has carried out or intends to carry out work at the workplace and any health and safety representatives
  • Provide information, consultation and training responsibilities to workers carrying out work involving asbestos

Asbestos management plans must be updated at least every 5 years.

Edge Group commonly produce asbestos management plans upon completion of non-intrusive asbestos assessments for individual assets or a larger portfolio. 

Asbestos abatement / asbestos remediation / asbestos removal

In the Australian Capital Territory, it is a legal requirement that all asbestos removal work is carried out by a licensed asbestos removalist.

In all other states and territories an appropriately licensed asbestos removalist to be engaged unless you are removing less than 10 square metres of non-friable asbestos. Edge recommend if you are removing less than 10 square metres of non-friable asbestos you engage a licensed removalist to undertake the work, or at least provide asbestos awareness training.

Edge acknowledges that the model WHS Regulations has established two licences: Class A and Class B.

  • Businesses with a Class A licence are permitted to remove all types of asbestos
  • including both friable and non-friable forms
  • Businesses with a Class B licence can only remove non-friable asbestos

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