Asbestos Clearance Inspections

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 Asbestos Clearance Inspections

Following the removal or remediation of asbestos a satisfactory visual clearance inspection must be undertaken prior to staff and the public occupying the work area. A clearance certificate is a written statement that a designated area where asbestos removal work has taken place and has been cleaned of any visible asbestos containing dust and asbestos debris associated with the removal. The visual asbestos clearance inspection must be completed by an independent person.

Edge Group consults on exposure control, remediation plans and risk assessments to ensure the appropriate legislative requirements are adhered and staff and the community are safe in the process of removing Asbestos.

Legislation in relation to asbestos recommends asbestos air monitoring is undertaken during the removal of asbestos and at the end of the works and be analysed at a NATA endorsed laboratory. Edge Group can provide air monitoring, asbestos sample testing and asbestos clearance certificate within Melbourne, regional Victoria and across Australia.


Edge Group has a NATA endorsed laboratory and skilled staff trained in obtaining and analysing potential asbestos samples. Our staff undergo rigorous internal and external quality management programs including satisfactory testing by National Proficiency testing program. Having our own NATA endorsed laboratory means externally certified, accurate, confidential and speedy analytical results.


Our laboratory is located within our South Melbourne office and can be mobilised to your site if required.


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