Phase I & Phase II Site Assessment and Hazardous Materials Survey at Bristol Hotel

Project Overview: One recent project that has been completed was with MGS (McGauran Giannini Soon) Architects in Melbourne for the redevelopment of the Bristol Hotel in Williamstown into residential apartments. At first, we conducted a soil assessment for waste disposal/categorisation purposes as two levels of basement were being constructed. We were able to keep sampling (comprising statistical analyses) to delineate (i.e. make smaller) the more impacted area in order to save our common client the developer/hotel owner) money in contaminated soil (due to fill material from unknown origin) disposal fees. We were then instructed by MGS to conduct a hazardous materials survey (outlined in the above paragraph) prior to partial (internal) demolition of the existing/historic landmark building. MGS (based on council requirements) then instructed us to complete a Phase 1 environmental (largely desktop) assessment comprising the historic background of the site – i.e. looking for potential sources of contamination on-site. Based on this and the extensive soil categorisation sampling already conducted, still under the guidance of MGS (and also under Town Planners from another firm), we were able to avoid the development/site going to a formal Statutory Environmental Audit by an EPA Auditor (i.e. as the development was going to a more sensitive use). This involved looking at any potential human health risks (i.e. including to construction workers whilst conducting works in the basement, future residents, etc) and ecological risks. Environmental Audit Assessment data to surrounding sites were also reviewed to support our case to council. Project Outcomes: Edge liaised with each stakeholder to ensure the project was completed on time and within budget. Edge ultimately saved the client time and money by avoid the need for a statutory Environment Audit.

MGS Architects

Bristol Hotel, Williamstown


9 months - September 2013 to June 2014

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