Former Landfill Assessment and Remediation

• Complex environmental assessments (including soil, landfill gas, soil vapour, surface water and groundwater) to characterise the risk to sensitive on and off-site receptors including nearby residents and hospital, surface water habitats and protected species Issues • Multiple sources of contamination from historical landfill activities: landfill mass, leachate generation, fuel use and storage, historical leachate irrigation activities • Assessment of current conditions and how these may change as the site is redeveloped i.e. gas migration, surface infiltration, surface subsidence, groundwater levels • Issues surrounding landfill gas management, vapour intrusion, CUTEP, leachate control and EPA liaison • Landfill gas explosive and soil vapour risks on- and off-site, and changes to risk during construction and occupation • Soil and hazardous materials (asbestos) human health and ecological risks and remediation • Long term leachate management to protect surface water and prevent groundwater impacts • Landfill post closure and audit requirements overlap and timing Strategy • Focused, comprehensive investigations to characterise site specific conditions and risk • Tailored investigations to assess and manage areas of the Site based on source, risk and receptor • Landfill gas and groundwater modelling, groundwater pumping trials and risk assessments to support the site investigations and conclusions • Collaborative approach including multidisciplinary contributions and peer reviews from national and international experts • Stakeholder engagement • Communicating project progress with adjoining properties: Epping Plaza, Northern Hospital and residents • With Planning and development consultants to ensure risks identified are considered for each development • Regulatory authorities: Council, EPA, Melbourne Water, Yarra Valley Water • Adaptive management and reporting • As the project has evolved, contingencies implemented to maintain objectives Outcomes • Auditor endorsement of Edge conclusions to manage groundwater contamination in part of the site with ongoing monitoring and no active pumping required • Council agreement to land use re-zoning due in part to Edge liaison with Council, preparation of remediation strategy and contributions to the planning scheme amendment and development plan overlays • EPA supportive of approach to complete Audit and CuTEP investigations which will address post closure requirements of the landfill site • Trusted environmental advisors to the client, providing advice on other issues indirectly linked to the Audit

Large-scale Property Developer

Northern Melbourne

<$1 Million

<3 year

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