Environmental Compliance Review – new EPA Act 2017

Edge has recently conducted portfolio reviews for metropolitan and regional local government councils relating to owned and operated land. This is to identify potentially contaminated sites and associated risks to human health and the environment, both on and off-site.  These reviews focused on preparing our clients ahead of commencement of the new general environmental duty (GED) obligations under the Environment Protection Act 2017, and ensuring compliance accordingly. 

A key part of the portfolio review was a risk screening process to enable site prioritisation for our clients' risk ratings and exposures. This enabled the councils to understand their environmental liabilities and proactively manage their GED obligations. 

The site reviews identified potential contamination sources, data gaps and recommendations for environmental management plans and; if necessary, further investigations.  Detailed descriptions of contamination sources and activities were also included in the reviews, and whether these may constitute a “duty to notify” under the EP Act 2017 based on definitions of Prescribed Notifiable Contamination provided in the new Environment Protection Regulations (i.e. subordinate legislation under the EP Act 2017). 

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