Car Part Manufacturing Facility

Key Contaminants • PCE and TCE chlorinated solvents used up to 1990’s for degreasing • Petroleum hydrocarbons also contaminants of concern from general manufacturing processes and machinery Issues • 20 potential historical source areas identified across site, but no known or recorded leaks/spills • Potential risks to human health (soil vapour) and environment (water) identified Strategy • Limited access, busy site, operates 24/7, many buildings and high traffic • Need to quickly assess potential on-site human health risks associated with potential contamination • Low impact, hi-resolution Preliminary Passive soil vapour assessment. Subsequent, conventional, targeted active soil vapour Monitoring Events Outcomes • Rapid identification of significant soil vapour impacts at site in the utilising low-cost technology. • Clear identification of soil vapour impact/source areas. • Early identification of soil vapour risks allowed prompt assessment of potential risks to site users

Car Part Manufacturing Facility

North-west Victoria

<$1 Million

< 5 years

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