A marine engineer exposed to asbestos passes in New Zealand after years of working in an industry he loved

2 years ago

It is known that construction and maintenance workers are at the highest risk of disturbing or encountering asbestos-containing materials and breathing in deadly asbestos fibres. Mr James Jeromson was exposed to asbestos within engine rooms which caused mesothelioma cancer ending his life at the age of 60. Mr Jeromson was not aware of the risks of the materials he was interacting with at his workplace.

Approximately one third of all buildings in Australia contain asbestos products. Buildings or structures built before 1990 is it probably that it contains some asbestos containing materials within it.

Before starting any task, you should consider if there is potential for asbestos to be present so that you can undertake the correct precautions. Commercial buildings or structures established before 31 December 2003 should have an asbestos register which identifies all known or assumed asbestos.

An asbestos register must always be reviewed before starting any construction or maintenance work. If you suspect work will disturb asbestos, talk to the person with management or control of the workplace, or alternatively, your health and safety representative before commencing work!

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