Business Sector Manager - Workplace Health and Safety

Simon Ercole

Simon has worked in industry and consulting as a Certified Occupational Hygienist (COH), Environmental Scientist and Safety Specialist for 25 years.  Simon has experience working in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, residential, aviation, smelting, mining, construction, logistics, retail, oil, gas, and legal. He has extensive experience identifying, assessing and controlling hazards that have potential to impact on worker health in the areas of physical, chemical and biological hazards including management systems, health risk assessment,  workplace monitoring, training, mould/black water, clandestine (meth), indoor air quality and incident investigation.

Simon has significant experience working in complex and sensitive work situations.  Over the years Simon has developed skills in strategic planning, policy development, risk based health and hygiene management plans (eg:respirable crystalline silica), policy, standard and system development including implementation, and change management.

He is particularly interested in the future of occupational hygiene, what the future of WHS professionals might be, and anticipating the potential hazards of new technologies, environmental management and sustainable development.