Environmental Scientist

Joel Brown

Joel spent 2013-2015 studying towards a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Environmental Science at the University of Western Australia (UWA). In March 2016 he graduated from his course.  He has a strong background in chemistry, and after he obtained high marks in secondary school and he completed supplementary chemistry studies at UWA. During his university studies, Joel completed a short internship as a student environmental scientist and later worked as a part time field officer for a hydrology consultanacy in Western Australia.

Joel now has over 3 years' experience in the contaminated land industry and is currently studying a post-graduate certificate part time at the University of Melbourne, specialising in Hydrology and Risk Assessment.

Joel has extensive experience in field management and sampling, having completed numerous detailed site investigations, including soil, groundwater and vapour sampling. Joel's experience ranges from industrial estates, low, medium and high density residential developments and landfills. Joel has managed projects for clients undergoing a Section 53X Certificate or Statement of Environmental Audit under Part IXD of the Environment Protection Act (1970) and also authored Clean up to the Extent Practicable (CUTEP) submissions.


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