Business Sector Manager - Environment, Health & Safety

Enzo De Fazio

Enzo De Fazio is the Director Environment and Sustainability within Edge Group and has almost 19 years experience in the environment discipline and approximately 8 years in occupational, health and safety management. As well as a generalist consultant, who began his career predominantly in air quality emission testing and analyses for approximately 4 years, he is also an auditor (for various types of audits from waste to due diligence) and a trainer in management systems (as well currently lecturing in Sustainability-based subjects to mature age safety students at a local TAFE). He has prepared a number of Licence and Works Approval submissions to the EPA including a concrete batching facility, a textile dyeing and finishing facility and for various green organic composting developments in Victoria and Interstate. He has also conducted a significant number of compliance and due diligence environmental site assessments and as a result, is very competent with Victorian environmental legislation. Enzo has been involved in the monitoring, modelling and assessment of noise impacts for proposed industrial, commercial and residential developments and has worked at industrial sites throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria, interstate, Singapore, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia and more Azerbaijan. He has experience in the plume dispersion modelling utilising the EPA approved AUSPLUME.