Principal Environmental Consultant

Alan Bull

Alan has over 17 years’ experience in in various aspects of soil, surface water, groundwater and environmental investigations, remediation and management of projects and programs in Australia and Brazil. He has also worked on natural resource management, water and wastewater treatment efficiency, riparian zone restoration with the re-introduction of endemic species. Alan has experience in Environmental Risk Assessment, Environmental Compliance Assessment and development of Environmental Monitoring programs, including those for environmental regulatory compliance. His experience also includes conducting Environmental Site Assessments for contamination of land and groundwater. He has undertaken various work related to site remediation for soil and/or groundwater (i.e. petroleum hydrocarbons, metals) including a number of groundwater remediation projects using Multiphase Vacuum Extraction (MPVE) process. Alan has worked on large and complex sites managing projects from preliminary concepts to full field investigations and liaison with regulatory bodies and Environmental Auditors. His experience also includes in depth environmental chemistry, data review and interpretation and reporting. He has managed various site assessment projects as part of rezoning, Audit processes and complex options assessment for waste management. Additionally, Alan has worked on a major project involving the assessment of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) present in Aqueous Film Forming Foams (AFFF firefighting foam) in surface water, sediment, soil and groundwater; with a focus on the risk of these compounds to human health and the environment.

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